The Happy Wanderer

by überaffe

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All the songs were recorded using a phone, all was quickly written and recorded, the idea was first take songs only. I had a lot of fun playing it and messing around with weird guitar sounds, i hope it'll make you smile
Don't feel bad downloading it for free, i'm just happy when people listen to it.


released February 16, 2017

Thanks to Chris Ucis, Younolovebunny, Enfant Bastard for inspiration



all rights reserved


überaffe Rennes, France

Making noise alone or as Restroom Music with my friend Chris, also made an EP with Younolovebunny's Claus as We are Brillant.

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Track Name: Everytime (A little piece of your heart dies)
Everytime a little piece of your heart dies
When comes the time of the night
And you're turning of the light
You're in your bed but it's all happening in your head
Thinking of the ones who are dead and now are back to stars
Then you find something good to think about
Thinking of the ones you love and are still around
Through the shades sunlight is warming up your bed
Photons landing on your eyes, now you are awake
Track Name: HeartBeats
When we're walking down the street
following the rythm of our feet
when you put you head on my chest
and listen to my heart beats
i know that we're together and i hope it'll last forever
Track Name: The Old Man With Crooked Fingers
the old man with crooking fingers swiped the crust out of my chin
he wanted me to get fatter and make a coat of of my skin
the sunshine that make fruits grow, his light shines upon us
but every quarter got two sides, some apples are poisonous
the gummy bear man melted in the sun and what he left behind
was a acidic smell in the air, a sugary puddle on the ground
the old man with crooked fingers played his guitar with his tongue
banging the floor with his cold feet while singing a sailor song
he took a picture of a picture and you pined it on the wall
he stole the sunny seasons and left us with winter and fall
the old man with crooked fingers drain the blood out of body
then he cooked some blood sausages and made me feast on it
i was feeling kinda dizzy couldn't stand up on my feet
so i lied down on the pavement and still feeling really weak
my soul was feeling lighter as it was getting out of my body
two sausages and an hairy coat was all that was left of me
Track Name: Between My Toes
Why is there some dust in the space between my toes?
I Always clean up my socks so i wonder where it's from
Track Name: Universe bound
Your Eyes are blue, and mines are brown
but we both were born in the same town
i miss you so much when you're not around
we got a universe bound
Track Name: Only Life gives its meaning to the stars
Only life gives its meaning to the stars
Put your eye on your telescope
waiting for a star to implode
creating new particules
could be someone you could be friend with
could be someone you love
Track Name: Sue me Beck (Bad rip off)
Walking in the grass, an IPA in my glass
a song stuck in my head, a tune in blue and red
feeling grass between my toes, got splashed by the garden hoes
i don't wanna go to sleep tonight, i just wanna walk in the night
feel the weight of the air
and the smell of verveine trees
A bug is entering in ear and starts buzzing in my brain
i try to grab it with my finger but it's only going deeper
i could pretend that it didn't happend
but this buzzing sound is no fun, oh no
feel the weight of the air
and the smell of verveine tree
Track Name: Cos i love you
I cut your name out of the wood on a tree
because i wanted everyone to see that i love you
I took some flying lessons to write your name in the sky
i'm gonna love you till the day that i die
that's how i love you
i'm gonna kiss you from your forehead to your toes
i love you with all my heart
and that's how my love goes
i love you